Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reality check

         HEY,I FEEL OLD!!!!!!!!! Yes I feel old.I am determined ,now that I'm feeling better, to begin getting serious about training for a race.I'm hoping that race will be a half marathon.I'm taking inventory of all my aches and pains. I know, it really sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself.Maybe I am, but there will be positive posts in the future,I promise. I have decided that it is my lot in life to be sore all the time.It is something I am going to just have to live with. I have arthiritis that I have suffered with since I was a kid, but even though I don't get actual arthiritic pain all that often, I wonder if that is why I feel stiff ALL the time.

             I am considering testing for a fire dept again.I am praying about it and asking God to open or close that door.I am starting to change the way I workout now, and go back to how I was doing it before.Hard intense exercise for about an hour each time.I try to do a modified crossfit type workout.When I was doing it before,I felt great.I lost some weight, I wasn't stiff all the time, and I felt stronger.My wife enjoyed the benefits too ; ).When I was in high school, I could bench press 200 lbs.I could now...ok not really,but the point is that I'm going to work toward that.Maybe it won't take that long to get there.After all, I am older and wiser. Ok ...just older but it will help me....maybe.

          I got results back for my cholesterol screening yesterday. My total was 200. HDL was a 2.6 ratio which I guess is really good. Trig are supposed to be under 150 and mine was 47.I've been taking fish oil for some time now. It has helped with both my cholesterol and my joints since it is a natural antinflammatory.My fasting glucose was 84 mg/dl so I think I am still beating my genetics when it comes to diabetes.My family is a train wreck of health.So far I have beat most of it despite al my complaining.

          Emily has played two soccer games so far.I'm proud of her.She gets a little better each time she plays, but more importantly, she is having fun and being active.So far we have all avoided being ill for the most part.That's pretty good considering we are all around sick kids all the time.Katy and me at work, and the girls at school.We all got our H1N1 vaccine. Thank you Lord for helping us to get it.I'm at work today.Haven't transported any flu patients so far.I'll keep my fingers crossed.Happy running. And off I go...

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  1. It's always good to have a race that helps motivate. The Lord will open the right door!