Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paper Quicksand

Hi All,
I know it's been awhile since the last blog. We are done with our autobiography though, so that is a big step that is completed! We made contact with our agency coordinator Aneata. She has been really great! I guess we got so busy with our homestudy paperwork, we forgot to do our IAN policy agreement...oops!No problem right? It turned out to be thirty one pages long. The hardest part is getting a paper notorized in the doctors office. We are going to have to find a notary who will travel.Once we get that paperwork turned in, we will simultanously finish our homestudy, and begin our dossier. You guess right...more paperwork. I don't want to sound like I am complaining. We truly believe God has orchestrated this adoption from the beginning. Christians through out history have overcome more with less lipservice.

The garage sale was a great success!!! It was Labor Day weekend if you didn't have a chance to come. We made just over a thousand dollars in two days of sales. We still had lots of stuff left over, and our awesome christian friends(family really) came thru again and donated more stuff. We are praying for another successful sale since this will be the last garage sale. After this, everything goes to Goodwill.I hope to buy the puzzle this week.Your prayers are welcome.

The family is doing well. Emily is back in soccer. I'm so glad she is interested in sports and physical fitness. She exercises with us all the time. She joined running club at school, so we went running together the other day. She ran 1 3/4 miles with some walk breaks. What can I say? She's a Ramey. Becca is doing well too. She is beginning to drive. Yikes! Caden is well. Loving school and making us laugh.
I wanted to recommend a movie to everyone. Katy and I actually had a date last week and went to see the movie Courageous.

It is a call for men to step up and be the kind of man a wife and children need. I lack in many areas believe me. I'm a work in progress, but I thank God for the conviction to change and the grace when I don't measure up.I won't go on. I said plenty on this in my last blog. Will you meet the challenge? If you see the movie let me know. See ya soon.