Monday, October 11, 2010

Mighty Men !

I had an interesting few days.At church Sunday morning, our pastor challenged men to be mighty men for God. Our pastor spoke about David, and how he was chosen by God. 1 Samuel 16:1" ....I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite,for I have selected a king for Myself among his sons."God chose the smallest and the least likely of the eight sons.Isn't that just like God? Jump ahead to 1 Samuel 17:4.The Philistines and Israel were in battle.The Philistines sent out Goliath to challenge them.He was 9 ft tall and just his breast plate alone weighed 125 lbs.He wanted to defeat Israels mightiest warrior and then the men of Isreal would become their servants.David convinced Saul to let him fight Goliath.He went to Goliath and said,"You come to me with a sword,a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have taunted.This day the Lord will deliver you up into my hands, and I will strike you down and remove your head from you..."
David slung a stone at Goliath in v49 and struck him in the head and killed him and removed his head like he said he would.What a mighty worrior for God he was. Our pastor was calling the men of our church to be like David. Pray to God and experience the power that comes from prayer.To not be afraid to worship God or speak His name in public for fear of making people uncomfortable.To stand strong in the name of Jesus when times are tough.To pray daily for his wife and children and be a spiritual leader in his home.I accept the challenge and commit to pray every day for 30 days for myself and the men in my church.How awesome would it be to see a movement from God like we have never seen. I have seen God do some incredible things in my church in the short time we have been there.I know He can now.
On Sunday evening I went to our small group study. I am certain that God not only led us to this church, but to the living room full of people who love God and seek after Him.We consider these people our friends and I have a great deal of respect for them.I look forward to seeing them every week.Sunday was one of the best times I've had there.They are good people.Love you guys!!!
We are studying end times right now.I won't get into alot of detail because I admit, I don't really understand much of it.There are many different takes on the subject.This is what I believe.Someday soon,God will call the christians who love and follow Him to heaven and we will leave this sad planet.There is the seven year tribulation,and a thousand years of peace.Sorry Satan, God wins in the end.That is the condensed version, but the point is, God is coming soon and in the end all of us will go to be with Him or spend eternity in Hell.
If you are not sure you are saved, find a way to be sure.Jesus died to free us from our sin so we could be with Him.Contact me and I will pray with you if you want. I hadn't planned to put that in there, but felt I needed to.Well enough for now.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, tomorrow is the deadline the maricopa county court set for our adoption agency to turn in our paperwork.We haven't heard from her so I can only assume it will come to pass.I hope the judge will hurry and approve us to be certified.I think we are still looking at quite a wait to find a match for our family.We are still telling people we are almost certified so if they happen to know anyone who knows someone, who knows someone that needs to give a baby for adoption, we are there.

I was thinking today about how much I love my kids and how them knowing they are loved shapes who they are.There are so many children in the world who grow up without knowing the love of parents. Many don't get regular hugs or any affection for that matter.It makes me sad to think that these injustices exist in the world. We can't adopt them all, I know.I also know that God will give us the child that needs us and Him the most. We are going to contact and look into ShohannasHope.Mabe God will lead us from there.We're not counting anything out.

I'm at work tonight which is a real drag.I am going to sit here,drink some tea and read my book before bed.I'm reading a book from John McCain's daughter called "Dirty Sexy Politics." I don't really post anything political on FB anymore because there are only a handful of people that agree with me.I think most peolpe,regardless of how they voted in the election,would agree that Obama is not only not truthful but has done the opposite in many cases than what he promised. I voted for McCain, but have been less than impressed with his run for senate.He has done a 180 on things like immigration.I don't trust politcians.I don't trust our government.I think they will tell people whatever they think people want to hear for their own political gain.Anyway, maybe since I'm not welcome to post politics on FB, I might use my blog as a platform to get things off my chest.That way if you don't agree.....don't click the button.

Monday, October 4, 2010


So....we got a dog.That's who Tozer is.I'm told Tozer is the name of a christian author. I have never heard of him.We got the dog from the youth pastor and his wife from our church.They got him from Craig's list from a family in Phoenix.I don't know why they named him Tozer. I'm going to google him to see so I can at least tell people I know who he is. The dog is an American bulldog. When we first considered getting him, I thought he was a boxer because that's what their other dog is.When I found out I wasn't so sure I wanted him.Well maybe I was just disappointed.I decided to keep an open mind.I'm glad I did.So far he is a fantastic dog.We had some reservations at first because we are hopefully adopting soon.What if we get a child that is allergic to dogs? What if a birth mother doesn't want a family with dogs?We did pray about it and had peace about it.I think it will be fine.And man is he a cool lookin' dog.He is a little over a year old and everything a puppy is suppose to be.Lots of energy,curious,playful, and a total lap dog. He is muscular and looks like he could kick some serious tail.Everything I've read said they are easy to train and need plenty of exercise. I can't wait to take him running. I watched Cesar Millan(The Dog Whisperer).His philosophy is exercise,discipline,and affection in that order.Bulldogs have strong personality so it's important to establish the pack leader right away.Our last dog was a good dog for the kids, but barked himself into wearing a shock collar, and dug our yard until I was at the edge of insanity.I finally came to terms with it and put making the yard look nice on hold.I don't want to have that same experience with Tozer. Well I'm certain he will give me plenty of stories to post.At some point I will post a picture here too.BFN