Monday, October 4, 2010


So....we got a dog.That's who Tozer is.I'm told Tozer is the name of a christian author. I have never heard of him.We got the dog from the youth pastor and his wife from our church.They got him from Craig's list from a family in Phoenix.I don't know why they named him Tozer. I'm going to google him to see so I can at least tell people I know who he is. The dog is an American bulldog. When we first considered getting him, I thought he was a boxer because that's what their other dog is.When I found out I wasn't so sure I wanted him.Well maybe I was just disappointed.I decided to keep an open mind.I'm glad I did.So far he is a fantastic dog.We had some reservations at first because we are hopefully adopting soon.What if we get a child that is allergic to dogs? What if a birth mother doesn't want a family with dogs?We did pray about it and had peace about it.I think it will be fine.And man is he a cool lookin' dog.He is a little over a year old and everything a puppy is suppose to be.Lots of energy,curious,playful, and a total lap dog. He is muscular and looks like he could kick some serious tail.Everything I've read said they are easy to train and need plenty of exercise. I can't wait to take him running. I watched Cesar Millan(The Dog Whisperer).His philosophy is exercise,discipline,and affection in that order.Bulldogs have strong personality so it's important to establish the pack leader right away.Our last dog was a good dog for the kids, but barked himself into wearing a shock collar, and dug our yard until I was at the edge of insanity.I finally came to terms with it and put making the yard look nice on hold.I don't want to have that same experience with Tozer. Well I'm certain he will give me plenty of stories to post.At some point I will post a picture here too.BFN


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