Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    So here I sit at work feeling terrible.I've had this sore throat for three days now.I have had the same kind of sore throat before.It's very strange.It starts  scratchy and really hurts during the night,almost like strep.The next day,it's scratchy again.I have felt kinda icky today but I don't really feel sick.Anyway, I worry because I was a smoker for 12 years.I quit before Katy and I were married,so I guess it's been since 2001 since I smoked.I was a pack a day smoker.Sometimes I still crave them...weird.The point is ,and I do have one, is that I worry about getting cancer.Anytime I have atypical symptoms for anything,I worry.I don't want my children to watch me go through that. I need to be here to protect them.So I'll call tomorrow to see the doctor, since I have had two similar episodes.Katy won't let me forget.If you're the praying type,pray for me.

     When I'm feeling better, I'm determined to start putting in some miles.Even if the miles are treadmill miles.We're afraid of swine flu so we decided to not take our kids to child care at the gym.Maybe we know too much being in the medical field.Most people are misinformed by the stupid media.I'm afraid for my children.Perfectly healthy people are dying from the H1N1.So running is not only healthy, but a great stress relief still.I want to get back to 25 miles a week.Last week I did 5 miles at 1900 hrs at work and then 6 miles with Katy the next day.My legs were really sore while I was running,but I pushed through it.My quads hurt like crazy for three days.That's never happened before.I really am set on running a marathon someday.I looked for a 10k I could run, but there aren't any on this side of town.It's a matter of convenience really.No child care,and even if we could find someone,they would have to be at our house early.

      The YMCA is opening near my house soon.I would like to use that to get back to XT and do some  strength training too.I have finally come to terms with never being even a hint of the muscular physique I have always hoped for.At this point in my life, I'll be happy with looking fit.So thus begins a new quest.When I'm feeling better,I am going to give myself three months.For three months I'm going to be strict about what food I eat.(translation :no junk food),and be diligent about running,increasing miles and strength training.We'll see how it goes.I'll try to blog about my progress.And off I go...

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  1. I find that if I have a race on the agenda, there is purpose for my training and I no longer make excuses with myself. Childcare is an issue, for sure, but maybe you can swap wtih friends' kids or something. Hang in there!