Friday, October 9, 2009

The mind is willing,but.....

         I ran five miles this evening.It felt awesome.I have not been running as much and I can really tell the difference mentally and physically.I think if I could get more sleep, I would run more.That's the excuse I'm using this week.I've gone from 20-25 miles a week to 8 miles/week. Man I suck.I will look today for a race to train for,and blog about it next time.That will hold me accountable.Well, I'm not sure any one even reads this blog.I think Katy does.{hello sweetheart}It is cooler now so I don't have to contend with the heat.I thought asking the church if they would sponsor me to run the PF Changs half. We could get a whole team from the church and raise money and awareness for Vision Abolition.For those not familiar,it gives a place of refuge for women in Africa escaping the sex trade industry.The church is big enough I think we could raise a lot of money.I feel like I want to be involved some how.We can't go on a mission trip because of our children,so I want to help in some way.I'll pray about it and see where God leads me.

           Emily is enjoying soccer.I really need to get out and practice with her.I don't want her to get discouraged before she has a chance to enjoy it.Soccer goes right along with her little personality.She is so full of life.I know,most parents say that about there kids.Cade has started sticking his feet in the toilet when he goes potty.Need less to say, he doesn't get "privacy" any more when he goes.Becca...well we're praying for patients.

          We took a six year old to Maricopa County Hosp tonight for level 1 injuries.I hate kid calls.It makes me want to go home and hug my children.We needed to start an IV on her.Kids don't understand.All they know is that I'm sticking them with a needle.I think she's going to be fine.It's Fall now so the drowning season is just about over. Those are the worst calls.Some medics go home afterward because it can be hard to handle.That's one reason why there is a high turn over rate in EMS.I'm surprised there aren't more alcoholics.People say we have a strange sense of humor.That is true, but I think it's a survival mechanism more than anything because it's universal.EMS is like no other job for sure.Where else can you take care of some one who just took off a greater portion of there face with a bullet, then go eat lunch 10 minutes later? Man I love being a medic.Anyway,it's late.I'm heading to bed.I hope to sleep tonight.Running calls all night is one thing that sucks about being a medic.The other is the firefighters, but that's another blog.Run in the morning...WooHoo!!!And off I go.....


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