Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The New Adventure!

Man it's been a long time since I blogged. Not alot has changed, but the things that have changed are pretty important. For awhile I felt like crap all the time. I was tired and my body ached all the time.I knew it couldn't be just because I just turned 39 yo.So, I finally went to the doctor and ended up on thyroid medication. It took about 3 wks to feel better, but I got rid of some of the weight gain, and I don't feel as sluggish.Hopefully this doesn't seem ridiculous. I don't know the TMI rules for blogging.
Anyway, I'll get to the good stuff.We have been certified to adopt in Arizona since October 2010. We have't been matched yet, which in and of itself is not a surprise, but we were feeling impatient.I felt like we were really limiting ourselves by sticking only to Arizona. Of course we were always in prayer and giving God complete control over all that happens with the adoption.I don't understand God's ways nor am I expected to, so I don't know what God's plan has been for us over the last year. I may only know in looking back. I was looking for something unrelated when I came across a link for adoptions from Ethiopia and started to surfe around alittle. The more I looked, the more interested I became. I came across a site for International Adoption Net.I read that Ethiopia is less restrictive, and this agency is considerably less expensive than others.The total fee is $14,000. (That doesn't include the visas and air fare.)I talked to Katy about the site and we prayed over it for several days. We really were very nervous about it, but really felt God pulling us to this country. It is sooo outside of our comfort zone. God is good!!! He gave us a peace about it at the same time. One way to judge if something is from God is to ask yourself if it furthers His kingdom. I always pray that God will be glorified in all He does in my life and this is no exception. So how will this glorify Him? God tells us to care for orphans and widows in His word. Teaching a child we bring into our home about the gift of salvation, and Jesus love for us. And last, teaching our children through it all how blessed they are, and teaching them to care for others. My prayer is that God would prepare the child he has for us, and prepare our hearts to witness his grace and glory first hand. Glory to God!!!

So, that being said, we are also preparing ourselves for the enormous cost. We are trusting God to provide in one way or another. We will be setting up a paypal account on a website we will create. We will be asking for donations in the weeks to come. Please pray and ask God to place an amount on your heart to help us bring our little one home. We are beginning the home study process this week. Thank you for your prayers and generosity.


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  1. hey!! Kristen here...absolutely you may use the puzzle idea!! We also had a donation only garage sale...that was a hit!! And, we also had a fundraising dinner at our church!! You could also send out a letter from Lifesong...they have an example of one you could use...it's worded so nicely & was also very helpful in raising our funds!! best of luck..kristen