Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Insanity !!!

     I've been going to the YMCA lately.Katy and I both have.I have been lifting heavier weight trying to get ready for the  workout dvd we ordered.It's called Insanity Workout, from the same folks who make P90X.I think the website is Beachbody.com under Insanity on the right side.It's a 60 day workout program that is super intense.There are no weights, but plenty of plyometrics.Seeing the results of lots of people convinced us to try it.We are not normally suckers for buying stuff on tv.They talk about the people exercising on the video even need to stop and rest because it's so tough.People have mentioned losing weight,but most talk about losing body fat.I guess you don't lose a lot of weight because of all the muscle you gain. I'm not overweight by any means.I'm 5' 11" and weigh160 lbs.I hope to get some muscle definition and lose some body fat. At some point, I will post some "before" pictures and eventually the AWESOME  "after" pictures. It will be difficult to distinguish between me and Superman, but side by side you'll be able to tell us apart.I hope I have the "berries" to finish the 60 days.It will mean changing my diet too.No more Cheetos( I really love Cheetos). We are also going to cut out what little dessert we have at night.It isn't really about calorie restriction,more about healthy eating or cutting out empty calories.It will be more difficult for me than Katy.We eat very healthy any way, it's just those few things I don't "need".I'll keep ya posted.

        Our church will be opening the new building soon.We have only been going there about three months, but are very excited about it.This is the new sanctuary.God's hand is really on this church.A group just came back from Africa and the missions are a big concern for the church.We are blessed that God brought us to this church.The worship is awesome and the messages are convicting, and humbling.We hope to do our part soon by teaching CPR classes at the church.We may not have a lot to offer, but we can use what God has given us.

    I have been convicted to memorize scripture lately.Scripture that applies to my life, or the lives of people around me so I can share the news of Jesus and His gift.In light of the events and headlines lately,I see end times events happening and am convicted to tell people what I know.Here's my latest verse:


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