Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling pretty good !!

I remember when I lived in my apt in Mesa.Katy would come over,and we would work out.Here i was, almost 30 yrs old, just quit smoking,and beginning an exercise program. It truly was pathetic to watch me walking, yes I said walking on the treadmill and sweating and half dead after 10 or 15 min. Later, after we were safely married, Katy tells me how funny it was to her, and by funny I think she meant sad and "Oh crap I'm in love with a loser." Anyway, the point to his is how far I've come. This morning I ran 6.5 miles in 58:40, and I felt great. Katy is always supportive and encouraging when it comes to me and exercise.I seem to have this , "love/hate" relationship with exercise.I have times when I do it consistantly, and others not so much. Running is that way some too, but I really miss it if I skip a day.Today was a really good running day.I'm proud of myself.I've been working hard and I'm beginning to see good results.

Emily should be starting soccer soon. She's pretty excited about it. Becca is still a grumpy teenager, but we love her and I know she is under alot of pressure. I am going to try to find something we can do for father/daughter time.There is a really fun kid in there that comes out sometimes.Caden makes me laugh everyday.His new thing now is"My penis is a hot dog."This, of course, while he pulls on it.Long live Sniffy!!!

I'm back in BSF. I'm hoping to get a spot soon.I will enjoy having the structure of a study, and I'm expecting to see God do great things in my life, and to see Him move thru our family and really make His presence known.My first scripture memory verse is Acts 4:12 "For salvation is in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven,given among men,by which we must be saved."Anyway,each day I'm healthy, and I get to spend with my family,is a good day.And off I go...

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