Monday, September 21, 2009

Almost there

Yesterday was a good running day.I was able to run with Katy,which is always fun, but we ran 9.5 miles.It was actually by accident. We had intended to run only 8 miles, but with our warmup and distance back to the house, we made 9.5. I entitled this almost there because my first running goal is a distance of 10 miles.We are running on Sunday for my long run day.I'm hoping to get 10 miles for the first time. I think my next goal will be a 10k race.I've never run one.Then I would like to get under a 7 minute mile.My last mile time was 7:31.

We are loving the church we are at. Sunday Mike talked the power that is available to ALL christians. The same power that raised Christ from the dead, is available to believers. I think it's time I start acting like it.He described how some believers, when faced with a problem in life,will take a step back, instead of taking a step forward in faith,and trusting God to show he really is soveriegn over all. I want people to see His presence in our home and family. It's time I step up to be the dad and husband He's called me to be.

Caden is doing well with his potty training. It won't be long until we're doing pull ups at night only.Sweeeeeet!!He is a funny boy.I'm proud of all my children.We are praying for Katy's grandmother.She is ready to go home to the Lord.We are visiting alot so she knows she is loved.

I'm gonna look today to see if there are any races coming up.I don't think we will make it to the Race for the Cure this year.I'll blog next time about what I found.And off I go...

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